Carr's latest legal moves

A. Joseph Ross
Thu Oct 25 00:34:30 EDT 2007

On 24 Oct 2007 at 5:28, wrote:

> i'm not all that concerned about the outcome of Howie's thing.  i'm
> more concerned about how this will affect ME and other broadcasters
> who have seen this "right to match" clause creep into contracts - a
> clause that seemingly is quite effective in acting as a no-compete
> without really being one, provided the potential former employer has a
> deep enough wallet and the desire (or vengefulness) to keep someone
> around who really doesn't want to be there. 

Which is why whoever got the Legislature to pass a ban on noncompete 
clauses needs to get going again -- file an Amicus brief with the 
appellate courts in the Howie Carr case and, if that case doesn't go 
well, seek further legislation. 

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