Greater Media statement supporting Howie's appeal
Wed Oct 24 18:24:56 EDT 2007

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I don't  know, but I think Howie Carr could accomplish a lot more by
going back on  WRKO and doing things that will force Entercom to fire
him.  Then he'd  be free to go to WTKK or wherever.

Yes, he could go get himself fired.  That would be taking the  low road, 
IMHO.  I think it is better to work through the legal system and  hope for some 
sort of settlement.  Of course, if that fails, the low road  is still an option. 
 WRKO must know that he could put on an awful show if  forced to return.  
   WRKO should work out some settlement ASAP.  Todd is  extremely boring and 
simply cannot carry the 
afternoon drive.  They need to find a replacement for Howie  soon.  Of 
course, they may not have anyone better waiting to take over the  slot.  
   On a bright note, _www.pandora.com_ (  has been a 
wonderful  alternative to talk radio!

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