Carr's latest legal moves

Larry Weil
Wed Oct 24 16:04:02 EDT 2007

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> > so does this one fact eliminate me from expressing concern about my 
> > own future?
> Stepping in for a moment as moderator here...  I have an 
> enormous amount of respect for the pros on this list, Chuck 
> included, and I want people who have actual experience in the 
> business to feel welcome when they contribute.  So long as 
> one is honest about a potential conflict of interest, I see 
> no reason why one should be repeatedly criticized for 
> offering an opinion on a matter one's boss (but not
> employer) is involved in.  Or even a matter one's employer 
> *is* involved in, for that matter.
> Let us all please assume the good faith of our fellow contributors.

As an employee of channels 7/56, I am happy to discuss anything about the
stations that's public information.  Obviously, I should not post anything
that's propriatery on this or any public discussion.  Also, I will not post
anything that involves my opinions of my employers programming or practices,
nor publicly answer any questions concerning such opinions, as I like the
idea of uninterupted employment!

Others may have different approaches to discussing matters involving their
empoyeers, as is their right, but I prefer to be cautious in this regard.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH

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