WNSH-AM, New York?

Laurence Glavin lglavin@mail.com
Tue Oct 23 12:54:17 EDT 2007

This morning, (Tuesday, the 23rd) I was checking to see if WNSH-AM 1570 in Beverly was at
full-power yet. It doesn't appear to be, although it's stronger than it was in August.
By the way, what's happened to the Sun?  Two hours after sunrise, skywaves were all over the place
in the upper-end of the AM dial...even WTTT-AM 1150 was being hit with some interference.
I was even able to hear the first half-hour of the Stephanie Miller show 
on Buffalo's WWKB-AM 1520 right over WIZZ-AM in Greenfield, MA.
(Does WIZZ offer streaming audio?  Oh, wait a minute, Bill O'Neill already
used that line.  Here's my variation on it: does WHIZ-TV, Zanesville, OH offer streaming
video?) While I was trying to monitor WNSH, I heard a station ID for WFLR-AM in Dundee, NY.
Apparently the call letters refer to the Finger Lakes Region of NY. (Here's a
great slogan for the Finger Lakes Region's Chamber of Commerce: "Looking for
an ideal all-season vacation spot?  Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you the Finger Lakes")
But eventually, when the skywave subsided, I could pick up WNSH clearly for a while, and
then I heard something surprising...WNSH is having a SALE on ad rates!  Yes, in a little
while they're going to raise the charges for air time, but if you buy NOW, you can lock
in the current rates!  Wow...where did I hear about a station doing that lately?  Why,
WLTW-FM in New York City is doing exactly the same thing.  I think there, WLTW is
making this offer only for NYC-area advertisers, but I get the impression WNSH is 
holding the rates for local and national advertisers who place orders now.  
New York City...Beverly, Mass; trend-setters for the industry?

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