Sox radio only on 'RKO and 'EEI for Series

David Tomm
Tue Oct 23 14:38:24 EDT 2007

I can't see The Score in Providence being happy with that arrangement 
this time around, since they are the ESPN affiliate there and would 
have exclusivity over WEEI-FM.  Same thing goes for 870 in Portland, 
which would also have the Series to themselves.  I suppose the 
Worldwide Leader could pick and choose to which Red Sox Radio Network 
affiliates they would offer the broadcasts.
Since 890 is non-existant here in Worcester county at night, I'm hoping 
they allow WCRN to run the games.  If not, my best bet will be WEPN/New 

I was just at the WEPN website, and it looks like they have a Rangers 
game scheduled for Thursday night.   It's possible that Game 1 will be 
on 1050 and Game 2 on 1560, which has a decent signal out here.

On Oct 23, 2007, at 2:08 PM, Kevin Vahey wrote:

> In 2004 the Red Sox Network stations outside of Boston were offered
> the ESPN feed. WTIC ran the EEI pregame but as soon as ESPN went on
> the air they switched.
> In 1986 poor Ken Coleman and Joe were only heard on WPLM AM-FM as the
> Boston outlet could not pick up the feed.
> On 10/23/07, Bob Nelson <> wrote:
>> reminds us that only WRKO and WEEI 
>> (850 for
>> games 1 and 6, Wednesdays) will be able to carry the Red Sox Radio 
>> Network
>> coverage of the World Series. Otherwise it will be ESPN, with Miller 
>> and
>> Morgan. This
>> includes Worcester where WCRN had been doing the Sox up till now; 
>> WBOQ,
>> WXTK, etc. No games for them. For some this will
>> mean tuning in to signals (perhaps not easily received) from Dedham, 
>> Lowell,
>> Hartford,
>> NYC, etc.
>> Probably an MLB broadcast rule.

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