Fw: Sox radio only on 'RKO and 'EEI for Series

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>> In 2004 the Red Sox Network stations outside of Boston were offered
>> the ESPN feed. WTIC ran the EEI pregame but as soon as ESPN went on
>> the air they switched.
>> In 1986 poor Ken Coleman and Joe were only heard on WPLM AM-FM as the
>> Boston outlet could not pick up the feed.
> Kevin,
>  having been one of the staff announcers at WHDH in 1986, we had to be 
> in-studio and got paid when the Sox were on the air to "listen and be 
> there," just in case of rain or some other such thing caused the game to 
> end prematurely.  that said - i was dispatched to Champions by Ed Bell to 
> be prepared to "go live" with Tom Larson (and even Jim Bohannon on Mutual) 
> as we closed in on that Saturday night game 6 victory.  the game was on 
> WHDH - with Ken & Joe - and WHDH even had Eddie live at Flushing Meadows 
> pre- and post-game.  the saddest sound i ever heard was Eddie's off-air 
> utterance, post-game (in cue).  that came AFTER i was told over the phone 
> to come on back from Champs as i'd be on-the-air shortly after Mr.Larson's 
> ever-with-me post mortem, which ended with  "...and so now going down in 
> Red Sox history is Bill Bleeping Buckner right next to Bucky Bleeping 
> Dent.  Tom Larson, WHDH Sports."
> - -Chuck Igo 

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