Sox radio only on 'RKO and 'EEI for Series

John Francini
Tue Oct 23 14:03:57 EDT 2007

What about all the other WEEI outlets -- WEEI-FM 103.7, WVEI  
Worcester, WVEI-FM Springfield, WVEI-HD Springfield?

On 23 Oct 2007, at 13:46, Bob Nelson wrote:

> reminds us that only WRKO and WEEI  
> (850 for games 1 and 6, Wednesdays) will be able to carry the Red  
> Sox Radio Network coverage of the World Series. Otherwise it will  
> be ESPN, with Miller and Morgan. This
> includes Worcester where WCRN had been doing the Sox up till now;  
> WBOQ, WXTK, etc. No games for them. For some this will
> mean tuning in to signals (perhaps not easily received) from  
> Dedham, Lowell, Hartford,
> NYC, etc.
> Probably an MLB broadcast rule.

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