Carr's latest legal moves

Dan Billings
Sat Oct 20 15:10:19 EDT 2007

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> yep.  and that he is my boss and Howie's agent has nothing to do with this 
> as evidenced by the same right-to-match clause in the contract i signed 
> with Saga several years ago.
> interesting that it's "okay" on one side of the desk and not so okay on 
> the other side.

Saga has not had much luck enforcing their contracts in Maine, i.e. Lori 
Voornas, Jim Crocker.

> and didn't you once work for Cary, too?  yes, you did.  so there - we're 
> even.

There is a difference between currently working for someone and formerly 
working for someone.  Cary has no impact on my life today.

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