Carr's latest legal moves

Dan Billings
Sat Oct 20 14:00:16 EDT 2007

As my parents taught me when I was young, sometimes you have to do things 
that you don't want to do.

Howie made choices that he has to live with.  He can live up to his contract 
or not work in radio.  (Or work out a compromise, but the aggressive tactics 
that he has used to date probably taken that option off the table.  When you 
start a war, you need to be prepared to lose.)

By the way, Chuck, didn't I read somewhere Cary Pahagain is Carr's agent? 
Isn't Cary still your boss?

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> would YOU want to continue to work where you neither enjoyed the 
> atmosphere nor the conditions of employment?
> of course - you'll answer "yes," because you're a stand-up, guy, too.
> much easier to take the high-road when it ain't you, isn't it?

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