Howie belongs to WRKO

Maureen Carney
Tue Oct 16 14:44:24 EDT 2007

--- Chuck Igo <> wrote:
then again, not every
> company is as apparently 
> short-sighted and vindictive as the one in question.
>  and to be honest, 
> vindictive is the only word to use for a company
> that would spend an 
> extremely large sum of money to keep a very unhappy
> employee "in the nest."
This gets me wondering - is Greater Media planning
something else? I really think the end may not be
Howie on WTTK. It may be flipping WBOS to sports and
shooting at WEEI as well. I really think that the Red
Sox would be willing to partner on the deal (which is
the only way this would work). I don't think they're
happy with the WRKO/WEEI split, or with any critical
remarks on WEEI. Larry Lucchino really wants Glen
Geffner on the air, and Entercom really didn't want
him at all. The talk about the Sox buying BOS came at
a bad time for everyone last year (GM with purchasing
102.5 and selling 99.5, the Sox putting out $100m or
so on Dice-K) but it may work out for both sides now.
The Sox may be able to use NESN and Globe people to
staff the station, and a year from now make a play for
Glenn Ordway. I don't have any inside knowledge, but
again WBOS is in PD search mode. If they're going to
make a move now's the time, instead of bringing
someone in with great plans for a music station then
blowing it up on him/her. I'm also not sure how much
it would take for the Sox to break the Entercom
contract - 9 more years to go!

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