Carr, Entercom make their cases

Tue Oct 16 12:04:50 EDT 2007

It would be absolutely wonderful to find out that Carr could not
legally work in Boston radio until 2012--and all because of his own
avarice (and stupidity). It says nothing good about the people in this
area that he has been so popular. As the rabbi in Fiddler on the Roof
said about the Russian czar, "May G-d bless and keep the czar--far
away from us!"

It would be great to learn that the closest to Boston Carr could work
on the radio was, say, Manchester NH, or Portland ME, or Burlington

Alas, I don't expect to be so fortunate; the rabbi's prayers were not
answered and I doubt that mine will be either.

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No idea what Howie can do; he could return to WRKO, try to appeal to a
higher court (where?),
sit out radio altogether, go to WTKK and risk some kind of lawsuit
from Entercom...But does
this mean that if he's indeed staying with WRKO he would get the same
kind of performance
incentives WTKK was offering? Was that part of "matching the offer"?

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