Bob Nelson
Sun Oct 7 09:41:35 EDT 2007

Boston Radio Watch revealed that Howie is working on a new
website, even though there still isn't a resolution to his radio situation

The top of the page shows the "old" WTKK logo and the current WTKK lineup (without Howie)
followed by "Everyone's Favorite Howie Carr"--sans Sandy. Well, she is still employed by Entercom.
(Entercom feels that also applies to Howie).

The rest of the page is his Boston gangster stuff but that's a big problem: the page takes awhile
to fully load/scroll, even on broadband. Ever consider doing multiple pages, Howie, with links to
them? One loooooooong page makes it tough to download all the pics, scroll, etc.

Also of interest: A WHOIS search says that the domain is licensed to Howie Carr--
then gives the address as "20 Guest St. (in) Brighton". This despite all the 96.9 content on there!
Unless Entercom is making a deal to buy 96.9 from Greater Media.... :)

Am guessing HC doesn't want to reveal his Wellesley street address, but he does have a P.O. box
I think..unless the domain name registrar will not accept a P.O. box as an address...

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