Even with the playoffs the Entercom moves the Sox around

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 02:12:58 EDT 2007

It's amazing...they continue the "Red Sox Wednesdays" idea. These games are
important enough that shouldn't they be on both? They did that for Opening Day
and Home Opener.

I did hear the game at work though WEEI is tougher to get. WAMG/WLLH did
have it too, of course...for the Cubs-Diamondbacks game I had to use an
FM re-transmitter to boost the 890 signal.

FWIW, WBZ is doing HD days and obliterating 1050 out of NY...luckily 890
had the Rockies-Phillies game. (Note though that I was trying to pick up
1050 on a car stereo which might not be made as well and may have a tough
time breaking the I-Block.)

I complained to WRKO but I don't think it will do much good. It is so stupid:
"EVERY game will be on WRKO". Yes but not tonight and not a possible
game 5 next Wed. Also one of the ALCS games falls on a Wed., as do
games 1 and 6 of the World Series, should the Sox get that far.

I would think by then the dunderheads on Guest St. will finally decide to
put it on both stations (some people DO have trouble getting WEEI). Games
1 and 6 of the World Series would be at Fenway should the Sox win
the pennant. Do we expect to hear a Savage re-run on 680 those
nights instead?


> Last night, the promos were quite specific - The Red Sox in the playoffs
> will be EXCLUSIVELY ON AM680, WRKO!  I don't see much room for wiggle on
> that one.  If I were the Red Sox' management, I'd try break the contract.

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