Even with the playoffs the Entercom moves the Sox around

John Francini francini@mac.com
Wed Oct 3 15:41:07 EDT 2007

Actually, if I were Red Sox management, I'd try to get Entercom to  
stop shuffling the games around, and PUT THE DAMN GAMES ON WEEI AND  
LEAVE THEM THERE. A talk station has NO business carrying sports.   
Especially since the audiences don't cross over well. It's always  
bugged me that WBZ-1030 AM has continued to carry Bruins Hockey,  
especially when that is so far off from their normal evening fare.

Back when the good Dr. Brudnoy graced our airwaves, you could always  
tell just how much he loved being pre-empted for "an exciting hockey  
game". His delivery of that line was always dripping with sarcasm.

And at the same time, Dennis and Callahan on WEEI have NO business  
talking politics, current events, or any other subject that they  
stick their noses into that ISN'T sports.

Sorry for the ranting tone, but I'm tired of all this shuffling around.

And yes, the games are on ESPN 890/1400 as well, but that's a  
national broadcast, with a national angle, not Joe Castiglione and  
<insert color-man-of-the-day-here>.



On 3 Oct 2007, at 15:24, Roger Kirk wrote:

> Kevin Vahey wrote:
>> Both papers list the game as being on WRKO tonight but no...
>> It is Wednesday so it is on WEEI
>> The game will also be heard on ESPN 890-1400
> Last night, the promos were quite specific - The Red Sox in the  
> playoffs will be EXCLUSIVELY ON AM680, WRKO!  I don't see much room  
> for wiggle on that one.  If I were the Red Sox' management, I'd try  
> break the contract.

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