Howie writes about Jerry Williams' brawl at WMEX

Laurence Glavin
Wed Oct 3 13:42:39 EDT 2007

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>Howie writes in the Herald this morning about an infamous moment in
>Boston radio. Back in 1962 a Williams critic showed up at the Fenway
>Park studios and got into a fistfight with Jerry on the air.


>There was a clip of that on the net a few years ago but it seems to
>have vanished.

Howie mentioned that WMEX was able to get as high as a 40-share in those
days, while top-rated station (i.e. stations where he never worked) are
lucky to get a 7.  Well, remember that FM radio in those days was not a factor.
A couple of daytimers, WORL-AM 950 and WBMS-AM 1090 had listeners sunrise
to sunset, at night the only players were WEEI-AM 590; WNAC-AM 680; WHDH-AM 850;
WBZ-AM 1030; WCOP-AM 1150; WVDA-AM 1260 and WMEX-AM 1510.  (WVOM-AM 1600 existed
but then as now was given over largely to foreign-language programming.
WCRB broadcast on 1330 with a really tough signal in Boston, even worse than
WMEX's and by then was programming for FM listeners, even offering AM/FM stereo
broadcasts, and they were usually playing REAL classical music.)
It's a testament to Woo-woo Ginsberg's popularity that WMEX garnered the 
ratings he did especially in winter, against the GIANT signals from WBZ, WNAC,
WHDH and not-so-giant-but-still-pretty-good WEEI. AM's at 1150, 1260 and 1510 
are no longer competitive, but the FM dial bristles with signals in the Metro
Boston area, and even non-commercial FM's are now a factor.

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