Bonneville is already using "Nightside" name

Don A
Tue Oct 2 13:57:41 EDT 2007

>> Well, Tom Ashbrook does exactly that on WBUR...and is considered by
>> many to be boring.
>> People say they desire calm rational issue-oriented talk...but the 
>> ratings don't show they really use/want it.
> If that's the case, then why did Dr. Brudnoy have such good ratings,  year 
> in and year out -- while delivering exactly the sort of calm,  rational, 
> issue-oriented talk that people wanted?

Well, while you see Brudnoy as calm, rational, issue-oriented talk...others 
saw as boorish (Mr. Glavin)

While he was calm, he certainly handed out his "slams" in a colorful 

Referring to urban HS kids as "gorillas" roaming the hallways was one that 
many people took issue with.

But in his calm professorial manner, people didn't take ussue with it.

Being on WBZ helps too.  (Has anyone ever done badly with the night slot at 

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