Bonneville is already using "Nightside" name

Bill O'Neill
Tue Oct 2 13:33:32 EDT 2007

John Francini wrote:
> If that's the case, then why did Dr. Brudnoy have such good ratings, 
> year in and year out -- while delivering exactly the sort of calm, 
> rational, issue-oriented talk that people wanted? 

Brudnoy's PhD in Japanese studies wasn't something that he made much of 
a deal about on air. The occasional caller would address him as "Doctor 
Brudnoy" but that was about it.  What Brudnoy did to garner his decent 
numbers was a truly unique blend of intellect, authenticity, and 
curiosity. He presented as interested in what callers thought at all 
levels of sophistication.  He did that quite well.  Meanwhile, the Talk 
industry was evolving toward a more host-centric product (not 
necessarily for the better) so Brudnoy seemed to stand out more from the 
pack as time went on.

Bill O'Neill

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