Bonneville is already using "Nightside" name

Tue Oct 2 07:15:32 EDT 2007

For me, Sully's voice and grating eastern Mass regional accent got
completely in the way of my appreciating anything worthwhile he might
have had to say. But, at the risk of incurring the wrath of his many
fans on this list, I thought that Brudnoy was simply horrific! He got
so caught up in his imitation of Wm F Buckley Jr, that he quickly
became a caricature of himself. I think a lot of people were conned by
his use of long words and convoluted syntax and took them as signs of
brilliance, whereas all they did were reveal his boorishness and
arrogance. I am sorry about his illness and death at a relatively
early age but I'm not sad in the least that he is no longer on the
radio; I wish he had been in a position to just retire from
broadcasting. Another of his vocations that he should have abandoned
decades before his death was writing movie reviews. His were filled
with 100+-word sentences that made them absolutely unreadable. The
work of both of the two current Boston Globe movie critics makes it
clear that intelligent movie criticism can be written as elegant,
readable prose. Brudnoy had no clue about how to write such movie

As for Dan Rea, I gather that his politics are pretty far to the
right, although I have not yet heard evidence of that. What I have
heard so far, I like. His approach seems quite free of the overheated
invective and name-calling that characterize nearly all of talk radio
today. Heaven knows, we need less inflammatory rhetoric and a more
rational approach to issue-oriented talk. Rea may be offering just
that; time will tell. If, indeed, calm reason is what Rea offers us,
not only he, but also 'BZ management, will deserve kudos for
responsible use of the license for New England's best AM facility. One
can only hope that the approach will prove popular enough to be
emulated. I can think of only one other current talk-show host who
fits the rational mold--and his politics clearly lean to the left:
Thom Hartmann.

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> Garrett Wollman wrote:
>>I certainly don't want to pre-judge the show when it's only just
>>begun, but if the past few months of "on-air auditions" have been
>>guide, I don't think I'm likely to be listening.  Don't get me
>>Dan Rea is a competent broadcaster and a good interviewer, but every
>>time I've listened to him over the past few months, he's really left
>>me cold.  Based on what I've heard, I can't imagine ever hearing a
>>news story and thinking, "I wonder what Dan Rea has to say about
>>this."  Perhaps WBZ is trying to make a break from the past two
>>decades of distinctly opinionated evening talk hosts, but I don't
>>think they're likely to carry me along.
> I'm not sure I'd quite put it that way, but I also see him as a
> break from the way nights have been done on WBZ.  David Brudnoy &
> Paul Sullivan were just more "folksy" (not really the right word,
> but the only one that comes to mind right now), where Dan seems to
> have a harder edged, let's-get-to-the-point approach.  I'll probably
> still tune in if I'm on the road at night, but he definitely has a
> different style than his predecessors.

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