WGAW (no relation) (was: Re: Conelrad)

Maureen Carney m_carney@yahoo.com
Tue Nov 27 19:34:25 EST 2007

When I started at WSRO in 1995 they were indeed simlucasting on WGAW. There was some thought of independely programming WGAW around 1998 but it didn't pan out and the station was LMAed to WEIM, then sold shortly after.

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  Garrett Wollman wrote:

> > I recall driving past their (former) studio building in the late
> > 90s...was kind of sad to see it all overgrown & dilapidated.  It was
> > a simulcast of some other AM at the time.  Horrendous audio, sounded
> > like it was run thru processors at both ends.
>I think at that time they would have been simulcasting with WEIM.

I believe it was WSRO they were simulcasting at the time.

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