"Community Auditions" is back

Howard Glazer hmglaz@worldnet.att.net
Tue Nov 27 13:59:19 EST 2007

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> Bob Nelson wrote:
> > OK, so Creature Double Feature is back. So is Community Auditions. When
will Candlepins
> > for Cash be revived? :) It's up to you...tell us who...will be star of
the day.//
> >
> When you spot Miss Jean and her 'magic mirror' keep us posted!  And
> don't be late for the chocolate milk break.  [Romper Room flashback]
> Bill O'Neill
> //

No thanks. I'll just raise my cold glass of white milk and toast the picture
of President Eisenhower on the wall with Bob Emery as "Hail to the Chief"
plays. ["Big Brother" flashback]

BTW, my sister tried out for the original "Community Auditions" in the early
'70s, singing some Joni Mitchell or Judy Collins song while strumming a
guitar. She didn't make it, but we got to see a taping session of the show.
I remember being surprised at how the audience always had to be prompted to
clap before and after each break -- it shattered my image of Dave Maynard as
a media idol whose mere appearance could draw spontaneous, wild applause.


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