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No, 1440; you are thinking of WGBB Freeport, which was just 100W when
I was a kid. Before it became a full-timer, WGBB shared time with
several other stations, one of which was WFAS White Plains. The
time-share was broken up at the time of NARBA (March '41) and two
stations survived, WGBB, which went to 1240 with 100W-U and WFAS which
went to 1230 with 250W-U. Eventually, both WFAS and WGBB increased to
1 kW-U, but before that, WFAS moved from a tower not quite atop the
Roger Smith Hotel in downtown White Plains to Greenburgh, where it
constructed an efficient half-wave stick on which the WFAS-FM antenna
was also mounted. The original Greenburgh stick was a self-supporter
but it was replaced at some point with the present guyed tower. And
now I guess the FM is moving south. 103.9 has been granted a CoL
change (to Bronxville, I believe), which may allow a Tx move into the
Bronx. I'm guessing that 103.9 will then flip to Spanish.

As for 1440 in Babylon; it has applied to change its CoL to Medfod NY
at the eastern end of Suffolk County, where it will diplex from the
1580 towers. That move will allow WNSW 1430 to diplex from the Clifton
site of co-owned WPAT 930. WNSW has a CP for 10 kW-D/7 kW-N DA-2 from
the four self-supporting, top-loaded WPAT sticks, which are 225
degrees at 1430.

And now you know the R-R-R-R-REST of the story!
Dan Strassberg (
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> On Sun, November 25, 2007 10:56, Bill Dillane wrote:
>> False.  I grew up a mile away from a 1240 tower.  As a young kid I
>> couldn't
>> figure out how this little station in a small city was going to
>> save us
>> all.
> And there's also little WNYG out of Babylon, New York (on Long
> Island).
> They've been on 1240 forever.
> Stephanie Weil
> New York City, USA

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