Thank You Norm Ruby....I think

Wed Nov 21 14:09:32 EST 2007

Apparently, he did eventually find the right woman because he married
(I presume) and had at least one child--a daughter. I forget the
daughter's given name, but she is now a grown, presumably married lady
(hyphenated surname, IIRC), and she  recently posted a thank you note
at to all those who had reminisced there about her late
father, Norm.

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> At 01:38 PM 11/21/2007, Kevin Vahey wrote:
>>The mention of the name of Norm Ruby makes me smile.
>>Years ago a star struck 12 year old wandered into the WBOS studios
>>Kenmore Sq and Norm Ruby gave me the Cooks Tour of radio and planted
> I remember poor Norm-- as I recall, whenever he and I spoke, he
> would tell me about all of his failed relationships and how he
> wished he could find the right woman.  I doubt he had those kinds of
> conversations with you guys, however!

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