Conelrad in Boston area

Kevin Vahey
Wed Nov 21 12:06:53 EST 2007

That whole morning was crazy

On 11/21/07, Sid Schweiger <> wrote:
> The comical part of this whole fiasco (if any of it can be called
> comical) was that there were separate authenticator words for the
> beginning and the ending of the alerts (if you old-timers have ever
> opened the dreaded Red Envelope, you know what I'm referring to).  They
> tried to cancel the alert the first time using the same authenticator
> word as for the beginning of the alert.  They got it right the second
> time.

Here I am covering for the regular Saturday morning guy ( I usually
worked night5s )  I went to get the test about 2 minutes after it came
in to put it in the log. Well I almost fainted.

The booth announcer was also the AD so it was his call BUT MY LICENSE.

So we opened the envelope......and viola  and then like you said the
recall code they sent was wrong.

We looking at each other saying NOW WHAT?  ABC was running the
immortal Lancelot Link. Of course I am also thinking techs on 66th st
are running for cover as New York would be a prime attack place.

WBZ was happily ignoring things but John Masters signed WRKO off. That
was good enough for me.

My thinking was

1. The Russians of course knew when the test was sent every week and
attacked at that time.

2. The FCC was testing us to see if we did what we were supposed to do.

Meanwhile the GM Sam Phillips called the station and fired both of us.
( for 20 minutes )

What a fiasco.

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