could not get WBZ in Hartford last night

Wed Nov 21 12:24:06 EST 2007

For a time, he was iBiquity's VP of Engineering. That was the position
he held when I met him at iBiquity's HQ in (I think) Gaithersburg MD.
He came to iBiquity from CBS, where he had been--among other
things--CE at KYW. I believe that when IBiquity, umm, freed him to
pursue other interests, he returned to CBS. Scott probably knows where
he is now and what he is responsible for. I have not seen his name in
any recent press releases, but that doesn't mean much.

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> At 11:03 AM -0500 11/21/07, Garrett Wollman wrote:
>>I spoke to him a couple of years ago, Glynn Walden was convinced
>>going all-digital, and taking marginal signals off the air, was The
>>Way to deal with the interference problem.
> Who is Glynn Walden?
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