could not get WBZ in Hartford last night

Garrett Wollman
Wed Nov 21 11:03:04 EST 2007

<<On Wed, 21 Nov 2007 10:10:04 -0500, "Kevin Vahey" <> said:

> I was trying to listen to the Bruins game on BZ last night and around
> Hartford I lost the signal completly to HASH from KDKA-HD

> Seriously are we looking at HD being a daytime only service in the future?

I've long believed that the AM hybrid digital system is a botch, but
stations aren't interested in my opinion.[1] The digital-only mode
would work better, probably as well as DRM does, but in the absence of
receivers there's no reason why any owner would want to do that.  When
I spoke to him a couple of years ago, Glynn Walden was convinced that
going all-digital, and taking marginal signals off the air, was The
Way to deal with the interference problem.


[1] Of course, I've also long believed that class-A stations (and
class-B stations with significant nighttime service areas) should be
required to offer unique programming during the hours of darkness; to
run all-satellite at night like so many do is a waste of spectrum.
That ship sailed three decades ago.

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