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Dan.Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Wed Nov 21 10:42:34 EST 2007

This is totally niggling and not something I would expect even the FCC
to care about BUT what you report does not conform to the letter of
the FCC rule as Garrett reported it. Specifically, the first "and"
should be replaced by "Easthampton," notwithstanding that another
instance of Easthampton appears just one call sign later. As Garrett
pointed out, no additional verbiage is permitted. The "and" between
the second "Easthampton" and "WVEI" is fine because that "and" is not
part of any ID. But lumping two sets of calls with a single instance
of the CoL appears to violate the letter of the (stupid) rule.

IOW, the ID should be: WEEI Boston, WEEI-FM Westerly, WVEI-FM
Easthampton, WVEI-FM-HD1 Easthampton, and WVEI Worcester.

Please don't skewer me for nit-picking; I've already acknowledged that
this is a niggling correction that not even the FCC probably gives a
damn about. But according to the letter of the (idiotic) rule, the ID
requires another correction. With rules of this trivial nature, once
you say something that doesn't conform is OK because it lives up to
the spirit of the rule, you have opened the floodgates for all manner
of creative modifications, some of which will, inevitably, not even
live up to the spirit. I guess we pay bureaucrats to make stupid rules
of this sort. However, you get my niggling error reports for free;>)
Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Dan Strassberg (dan.strassberg@att.net)
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> They (Entercom) have fixed the legal!
> The Legal at 8:00AM said WEEI Boston WEEI-FM Westerly WVEI-FM and
> WVEI-FM-HD1 Easthampton and WVEI Worcester.
> Fast work in response (I would suppose) to this list serve
> -Paul Hopfgarten
> Derry NH

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