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WVEI-FM-HD1 is indeed the call sign of WVEI-FM's first HD stream.
AFAIK, WVEI-FM does not currently transmit HD2 or HD3 streams, but
someone in Entercom management must be thinking of the day when there
will be at least an HD2 stream. Otherwise, why not simply WVEI-FM-HD?
(In fact, if it were just WVEI-FM-HD and the station later added an
HD2 stream, would it be necessary to change the calls of the original
stream to WVEI-FM-HD1? Or would the FCC allow the streams to be
designated as HD and HD2? Considering how arcane--and how long--the
various call signs are becoming, I don't see a problem with -HD
and -HD2.) And yes, WBZ-HD is the legal call sign of WBZ's HD stream.
Every HD stream has its own call sign and all HD radio call signs
begin with the call letters of the station that transmits the stream.

The legal IDs of stations that are simulcasting their analog
transmissions on HD streams must include the legal ID of the HD stream
that carries the simulcast--hence, WBZ Boston, WBZ-HD Boston. Note
that, to play it safe with the rule that prohibits extra verbiage in
the legal ID, WBZ does not even use AND between the analog and HD IDs.

Interesting, isn't it, that HD Radio is a registered trademark of
iBiquity. This probably marks the first time that the FCC has REQUIRED
broadcasting stations to use a private company's intellectual property
as part of the call signs the stations are required to use to identify
themselves on the--allegedly public--airwaves.

As I understand it, iBiquity claims that the HD in HD Radio stands for
nothing. Most people assume that it stands for high-definition. My
understanding is that the HD in HDTV DOES stand for high-definition
but the HD in HD Radio does not. I have even seen postings elsewhere
that INSIST that the HD in HD Radio stands for hybrid digital. That
would make sense because it is a concise description of the
technology, but I don't think that, officially, the letters stand for
hybrid digital.

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> On 20 Nov 2007 at 12:20, Dan.Strassberg wrote:
>> Yes, officially, -AM is not part of AM calls. So the ID should be
>> Boston, WVEI Worcester, WEEI-FM, Westerly-Providence, WVEI-FM
>> Easthamption-Springfield, and WVEI-FM-HD1 Easthamption.
> Is -HD1 part of the call letters?  I've also heard "WBZ and WBZ-HD"
> Are there actually separate call letters for the HD signals?
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