HD Callsigns

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Tue Nov 20 11:13:51 EST 2007

WVEI-HD1 is WRONG; it should be WVEI-FM-HD1! Sid is now aware of the
problem. Whether he can persuade anyone who can fix it that it needs
to be fixed is another matter. As we all know, Entercom does not own
WAMG and WLLH. Chris Hall, the contract CE for these stations has been
trying for months to get the ID recut so it says WAMG Dedham, WLLH
Lowell AND Lawrence rather than ...Lowell-Lawrence. WLLH is unique in
that it has two licensed synchronized transmitters in different
cities. The CoLs are supposed to be joined by AND to differentiate
WLLH from the thousands of stations that (legally) append (via
hyphenation) additional cities to their CoLs. If after at least six
months of trying, Chris has been unable to get the WAMG GM or PD to
get the voice-over guy to recut the WAMG/WLLH ID, what hope is there
that Entercom will cut a new ID that gets WVEI-FM-HD1 correct?

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> The ID says..
> WEEI-AM Boston
> WEEI-FM Westerly
> WVEI-FM and WVEI-HD1 Easthampton
> WVEI-AM Worcester
> -Paul Hopfgarten
> Derry NH
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> If you are right and they are using WVEI-HD1 and not WVEI-FM-HD1,
> the
> implication is either that WVEI (AM) 1440 in Worcester is
> broadcasting
> in HD (possible but doubtful, especially since AMs can transmit only
> one HD stream and therefore HD1 makes no sense in the context of an
> AM) or that they are doing it incorrectly. I'd put my money first on
> your having gotten it wrong and second on Entercom's having screwed
> up.
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>>> The WEEI legal ID now Lists WVEI-FM HD2 as a seperate part of the
>>> ID
>>> I have a HD radio in my car and the coverage on that radio here in
>>> chelmsford is pretty bad. The Boston stations go in and out of HD
>>> all
>>> the time so the HD-2 channels are all but useless.
>> It's actually "WVEI-FM and WVEI HD1" that they've added to the ID.
>> Jeff Lehmann
>> Hanson, MA

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