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Sid Schweiger sid@wrko.com
Sun Nov 18 20:16:21 EST 2007

>>What he told me that was surprising is that the HD-2 stream has a 
totally different callsign than either WINS or the FM station.  We 
thought this unusual, neither of us thought that the FCC separately 
licenses the HD-2 and HD-3 streams, nor assigns them callsigns.

Can anyone shine any light on this situation?<<

When the rules for the Digital Radio Service became effective on
September 14th, HD Radio's experimental status ended, AM-HD was
authorized for nighttime use, and the legal ID rule (73.1201) was
amended to add the following text:

"A radio station operating in DAB hybrid mode or extended hybrid mode
shall identify its digital signal, including any free multicast audio
programming streams, in a manner that appropriately alerts its audience
to the fact that it is listening to a digital audio broadcast."

I would gather, from that wording, that leaving the ID as "WINS New
York" on WWFS's HD2 channel is probably not sufficient (that does not ID
the stream as being a digital broadcast), but then, I'm not a
communications lawyer either.  A simultaneous ID of "WINS and WWFS-HD2,
New York" might make more sense for those puzzled over hearing WINS on
the FM band.

IIRC WNEW switched to WWFS this past spring when the "Fresh" format

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