Howie returns to WRKO/"network" tomorrow

Laurence Glavin
Fri Nov 16 16:47:33 EST 2007

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>Roger Kirk wrote:
> R&R stated that Howie "decided" to return to WRKO. Sounds more 
> like he was forced to return.
> Personally, I don't know how he can continue to work on the air 
> at RKO without sniping and taking potshots at management at every 
> possible opportunity. His heart just can be in it.

>Well, you have a point. He did confirm that he was wearing a 
>striped shirt today.* (*Joke approved by mgmt.)

>Also, he announced he wasn't going to be working any (that is, any) 
>holidays any more!
>OTOH, he's playing a clip of Perry Como singing "Ac-cen-chew-ate 
>the Positive" every few minutes. So Howie's all sweetness and 
>light today. ;-)
Please do not count me among Howie's acolytes, but I did make a habit 
of tuning in to the Monday segment with Max Robbins.   I assume that it 
will return this coming Monday with a lot of territory to cover;  maybe
it should extend past the 6:00 pm Metro News! (I wonder if Max has found
employment Bob & Ray used to say "write if you get work".)

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