WODS & WROR Flip To All Christmas

Gary's Ice Cream gary@garysicecream.com
Wed Nov 14 15:35:47 EST 2007

Guess you haven't been listening to WCAP 980am for the past 5 years from
midnite to 5 (and recently from 7-10pm) for the music of the 40's, 50's,
60's and 70's.....


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> All Christmas music may be the only way this station even sticks its 
> little toe into the '50s, seeing that they MIGHT play "A Christmas 
> Song" by Nat King Cole.  When the jingle bells stop ringing, what's
> chance that they (or any other station in Boston) are going to play 
> "Send for Me", "Nature Boy", or any of the other outstanding work
> Mr. Cole left behind ?

I should have considered that WJIB will still play some of the pre-1967
classics, though strong guitar riffs (e.g. Chuck Berry) aren't likely to be
in the blend.

Too bad 'JIBs signal doesn't even make it cleanly to the Burlington Mall
most nights.

Mark Connelly - Billerica, MA

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