Thank goodness we not in Chicago

Howard Glazer
Sat Nov 3 13:25:38 EDT 2007

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> David said: <<Christmas formats make money and attract listeners for
> stations that target adults the rest of the year.>>
> I'm incredulous. Astonished.  Flummoxed.  Amazed --- that this format
> actually draws good ratings. IMHO, Christmas pop music is so ubiquitous
> time of year (people can hear the same thing when they go into Walmart or
> any other store) that after a short time it gets tiresome.  Makes me
> how many people actually LISTEN to music on the radio, or whether it's
> background noise while they do something else.

It's background noise for MOST of the audience, even a radio nut like me
some of the time. I've got XM's '70s channel droning along in the background
as I type this, and I can't tell you the last three songs played. Radio
hasn't been a foreground medium since Truman's day.


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