Thank goodness we not in Chicago

Fri Nov 2 22:54:01 EDT 2007

In all of the years that Gallant made annual predictions here, he
probably racked up well over 100 prognostications. Of those, I suspect
that one or two actually proved correct. After all, as they say, even
a blind pig finds an acorn now and then. It probably is a tad mean to
make fun of him; he was responsible for some of the best inadvertant
humor we've enjoyed on this list. And until he tired of being the butt
of so many jokes, he always seemed game to be the butt of still more.
Just for the record and to suitably memorialize his presence here, can
anybody recall a Gallant prediction that came true--and the year in
which he promised us it would take place? Perhaps a virtual placque is
in order. Anybody up for making a virtual contribution? (As the dollar
sinks slowly into the sunset, the difference between virtual and real
monetary contributions becomes increasingly indistinguishable;>((

Dan Strassberg (
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>> Anyhow, where is
>> he when we absolutely don't need him?
> Now, now, Daniel. ;-)
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