Official Imus Return.

Bill O'Neill
Fri Nov 2 14:32:24 EDT 2007

Richard Chonak wrote:
> Mr. Igo failed to disclose that he shares an initial with Don Imus. 
> Readers will want to take that into account when reading any discourse 
> of his regarding the so-called "I-man".

Oh, and here's another one on Mr. Igo while we pile-on -- His "Taken 
Identity" work (which is a wicked good read and I am still eager to turn 
pages each evening versus TV) is a book.  Don Imus reads books.  Imus 
should read Chuck's book.  But then that would be a 
conflict-within-a-conflict (feedback loop) and Imus has been under 
enough scrutiny. Ab-so-freakin-lutely, Mr. President.  Before I put a 
wrapper on this string, we need not remind that Igo breathes air.  Imus 
breathes...oh never mind, no problem there.

Bill O'Neill

I could tell my parents hated me. My bath toys were a toaster and a radio.
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