I despise the Globe at this particular moment...

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Thu Nov 1 15:18:01 EDT 2007

...if only because they're making it ridiculously expensive for me to 
get my hands on one of Monday's World Series commemorative papers.

Actually, there are three of us up here in Rochester who'd like to have 

It used to be that you'd call up their back issues department, pay four 
or five bucks and they'd send the papers out to you. (It's still that 
way at most papers - the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, which is even 
OWNED by the Globe, for crying out loud, charged me all of $3.60 for a 
paper, which arrived in today's mail. The Patriot-Ledger, Enterprise and 
Lowell Sun were a little more, but not much.)

The Globe itself, however, seems to have smelled profit in the air. It's 
now charging a ridiculous $11 and change for shipping ONE paper, plus 
the $4 charge for the paper itself. That comes to a whopping $25 for the 
three papers. (Which, by the way, they tried to charge to my credit card 
TWICE. Bastards.)

They've got a litany of excuses for the shipping charges, including the 
particularly ridiculous "because of Homeland Security rules, we have to 
send them this way and can't send them First Class." This is patent 
nonsense: when the very same Boston Globe has failed to include all the 
supplements in the Sunday papers coming out my way, they've sent me the 
entire Sunday paper, ads and all...and they've sent it first class at a 
postage cost of about $5.

So I've cancelled my order (which they've apparently not yet gotten 
around to even shipping, anyway, four days after it was placed)...but I 
still want the darned papers.

Is there anyone who has reason to be around Morrissey Boulevard who'd be 
willing to pick some up (I'd like to see Tuesday's and Wednesday's 
papers, too) and ship them this way? I'll gladly pay a reasonable amount 
for shipping...just not the exorbitant amount the Globe wants to charge me.

And, hey, maybe the folks over at WEEI (no fans of the Globe, they) 
would like to have some fun with this one, too...I know we have some 
Guest Street people on this list.


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