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> As some of you know, I am working with Peter Casey and others at WBZ
> to up-date the website's history--- will let you know when it's
> completed, but I think you'll be pleased.  I was curious about two
> things.  One, do any of you have old WBZ surveys or old promotional
> materials that have some of the WBZ slogans the station used to use
> in the 50s or 60s?  I want to scan some of them-- like "the spirit of
> New England" or "the Greatest Airshow on Earth," or "the Live
> Five."  I have some in my own collection, but would be interested to
> know who else has some... mine are not all in the greatest shape.
> Secondly, as I mentioned, we want to do a tribute page-- with
> profiles of past WBZ stars like Bruce Bradley or Dick Summer or Larry
> Glick.  Before we round up the usual suspects, do you have some
> nominees for that page-- any former news or sports or air
> personalities who deserve to be remembered?

How about Ron Landry (RIP) and Robin Young (still with us, and on WBUR at
noon Mon-Fri)?


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