sports scenario for 1200 and/or 1430?

Bob Nelson
Thu May 31 11:24:35 EDT 2007

Interesting possibility: Clear Channel could dump Rumba from the stronger (when the signal improves)
of their two AMs in town, WKOX 1200, and make it Sports 1200 with a blend of Fox Sports (syndicated
by CC-allied Premiere, and would be pulled off WEEI overnights) and Sporting News Radio (once
1510 dumps it). Similar to WGAM Nashua NH and WKBR Manchester NH.

They could even have  a pm drive local sports show (just as 900 & 1250 do)...
North Shore Spirit Baseball (which is currently on 1510)
They can't get the Red Sox...or can they? Perhaps the Spanish language broadcasts (currently on 950)

Sports said to be a big sell...may not have worked with 1510's anemic signal but maybe on 1200?
Fox Sports would get a full time affiliate (or mostly FSR with some SNR thrown in) as opposed to
just overnights.

1430 could do: more Spanish (though 1510 will be grabbing some of that audience)...?
Syndie talk (Premiere talkers like Beck or Dr. Laura? Even prog. talk?) or maybe soul...?

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