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Wed May 30 16:22:13 EDT 2007

I think that WALE being listed as 50 kW days but putting out a signal 
inferior to all the Providence 5 kW's qualifies as "using inexplicably 
large amounts of power".

990 is weaker than 630, 790, & 920 in observations I have made from 
just about any conceivable bearing from Providence: Newport to the 
south, Montauk (NY) to southwest, Putnam (CT) to west, Worcester (MA) 
to northwest, Billerica (MA) to north, Rockport (MA) to northeast, West 
Yarmouth (MA) to east, and Horseneck Beach (MA) to southeast.  The only 
bearings where it even gets close to the strength of the others 
(running a tenth the power!) would be east and southeast.

A total shambles of a signal for 50 kW.  In Newport I think WINS-1010 
is actually stronger at something like 150 miles.

They could be shooting the signal straight up.  Skip around sunset 
before power-down can be hefty on outer Cape Cod at about 75 miles to 
the east.  Quite a bit stronger than the groundwave.  I can believe, as 
Dan says, that their transmitter site is a real mess.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION - Billerica, MA

Is 990 in Providence still dark? Didn't it go dark a few months back, 
Davidson "discovered" that the transmitter was using inexplicably large
amounts of power? One of the strangest explanations ever for taking a
station dark! I've heard that the transmitter site is a real mess, but 
six towers, it must occupy a fairly large parcel of real estate. That
suggests that if anyone is stealing ac power, they must have devised a
fairly sophisiticated (and expensive) scheme for doing it. The ac lines
through which the power would have to be removed would need to be 
buried to
keep them from attracting attention from, say, the station owner. 
Unless the
transmitter building is at an edge of the property that abuts a public 
the underground cable runs would have to be fairly long. Constructing 
would presumably have represented an engineering project of rather
significant scope. Does anyone have any info on this mystery?

Dan Strassberg, dan.strassberg@att.net
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