WWZN Sold To Blackstrap Broadcasting

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
Tue May 29 17:02:03 EDT 2007

Is 990 in Providence still dark? Didn't it go dark a few months back, after
Davidson "discovered" that the transmitter was using inexplicably large
amounts of power? One of the strangest explanations ever for taking a
station dark! I've heard that the transmitter site is a real mess, but with
six towers, it must occupy a fairly large parcel of real estate. That
suggests that if anyone is stealing ac power, they must have devised a
fairly sophisiticated (and expensive) scheme for doing it. The ac lines
through which the power would have to be removed would need to be buried to
keep them from attracting attention from, say, the station owner. Unless the
transmitter building is at an edge of the property that abuts a public road,
the underground cable runs would have to be fairly long. Constructing them
would presumably have represented an engineering project of rather
significant scope. Does anyone have any info on this mystery?

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> Mark Watson wrote:
> >  All Access reports that  Paul Allen's Rose City Radio Corp. has sold
> > WWZN Boston and WSNR Newark NJ to Blackstrap Broadcasting LLC, headed by
> > Peter Davidson. In the statement issued by davidson, he says that
> > Blackstrap's mission is to "provide a welcoming home for immigrant
> > communities on the public airwaves".
> >
> >  Looks like they'll be one less all-sports signal in Boston soon.
> Davidson owns a string of mostly-Spanish signals, including the 990s in
> Southington CT and Providence. I'd expect more Spanish on 1510, which is
> probably the right use for that signal, considering where it goes.
> s

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