(semi-OT) My DVR's misbehaving on me!

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Mon May 28 00:00:11 EDT 2007

Robert F. Sutherland wrote:
> ah, Scott, I've been fighting this thought all day, but just can't
> resist....
> It sounds like the unit has only a 12 hour mode, 
> no "24" hour  mode
> sorry 'bout that, chief.


Thanks to Bob for the joke, to the several list members who've suggested 
I ditch the Toshiba and get a TiVo, and to one who still had the episode 
in question on his DVR and is sending a copy.

Now I just need to find Lisa a copy of the "Criminal Minds" season 
finale, which didn't record thanks to my own failure to set the DVR 
properly, and I'll be all set...


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