Some XM Satellite Radio customers face outage

Brian Vita
Tue May 22 09:15:16 EDT 2007

Here's a link to a Reuter's article on the situation:

 From the Washington Post 

and some more:

They're using our own satellites against us!


PS A neat trick for aiming the antenna is at:

After both Azimuth and Elevation have been set, tweak the alignment by 
using the signal strength (BER%) readout of the radio. For the PCR click 
the signal strength button. For the SKYFI and ROADY, with the radio off, 
press 2-0-7 followed by the 'XM' button or the tuning wheel. Then use 
the 'Display' button to cycle the display until you see BER %. Using the 
BER as a guide adjust the antenna for best signal. Best signal is 
indicated by a LOW BER. You are shooting for 0 on one of the satellite. 
Only one satellite is needed, but if you have a clear shot to both it is 
possible to get low or 0 readings on both.

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