"Hometown Tradition" Does NOT Continue At WCCM

bradfordwood@comcast.net bradfordwood@comcast.net
Wed May 16 14:03:48 EDT 2007

The deal DID include the radio stations, which are now co-owned by Community Newspaper Holding Co. out of Alabama.

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From: Sean Smyth <sean.smyth@yahoo.com>
> Laurence Glavin <lglavin@mail.com> wrote:
> > local service to a small-market city, but here we have a radio
> > station
> > owned in part by a NEWSPAPER (but for how much longer?) with NO 
> Well, since the Rogers family did sell the Eagle-Tribune a few years
> back, there would be no more cross-ownership. I understand the deal did
> not include the radio station operations.
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