Adventure Car Hop is the Place to Go

George Allen
Tue May 15 17:21:38 EDT 2007

I have some old [early 60's?] Arnie G. air check tapes still in my 
archives [the acetate seems to age surprisingly gracefully].  I'll 
bet the jingle is in there somewhere.  I can mp3 the jingle and stick 
it on the web if there's any interest...

Fast forward to the mid-70's.  I had the opportunity as a young adult 
to see a somewhat older Arnie in action while working the board 
during one of the WBZ "Grease Weekend" events.

   --  George, who grew up on Bruce Bradley and WooWoo, and yes I 
still have "beep beep", but never went to Adventure Car Hop -- too 
far from the western 'burbs.


From: Donna Halper <>
To: "Sid Schweiger" <>,
Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 18:14:53 -0400
Subject: Re: Adventure Car Hop is the Place to Go

I had asked if any of you recalled the Adventure Car Hop Jingle, and 
some of you did.  SO, since I am working on a short article about 
Adventure Car Home and about Arnie Ginsburg, that reminds me:  Sid 
wrote that he went there years ago and "...still have "Beep Beep" by 
the Playmates, which was the "plate" for my Ginsburger.  Did anyone 
else go there, and if so, do you recall what record you got when you 
ordered the Ginsburger?  :-P

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