Gus Saunders RIP

Jon Maguire
Tue May 15 15:12:06 EDT 2007

Oh, that's very sad. We carried Gus on WCOP in the early 1970s. I forget 
which hotel he was broadcasting from, but I remember that he was a class 
act. I met him several times to engineer this show. His name was 
Augustus J Solemini (sp?) Whew, another flash fromt the past!!

Jon, Brandon FL
WMEX 1968-1970
WCOP AM/FM 1970-1975
WVMT 1975-1976
Blissfully wasting away in ITville since 1978 :-) Wishing I was looking 
at a BC Xmitter again!!

Donna Halper wrote:
> Just got the news that Gus Saunders has passed away.  Did any of you 
> know him or work with him?  I certainly remember him with Louise 
> Morgan on the old Yankee Kitchen.

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