Adventure Car Hop is the Place to Go

Dan Strassberg
Tue May 15 09:52:28 EDT 2007

In the mid-fifties, WROW (AM) in Albany ran a nightly program (from 11:15PM
to midnight M-F) called "White Tower's Myoooosical Menu" with host George
Leighton. The music was a blend of what would subsequently be called MOR and
EZ. I remember White Tower locations in downtown New York City, Albany,
Troy, and here in Cambridge (Central Square). I think White Tower was
ubiquitous in the US. I can't say whether stations outside of the Capital
District ran locally produced versions of Musical Menu; I can say that I am
unaware of ever having heard one, though. Some have told me that,
notwithstanding what appeared to be a predelection for locations in run-down
parts of urban downtowns, White Tower's burgers were good, the prices very
reasonable (I think $.15 for a burger, $.05 for coffee--remember, that was
more than 50 years ago), and the places were clean. I can't speak from
experience; I never went inside one. I believe, however, that, somewhat like
Burger King, Wendy's, and others, which emulate McDonalds, White Castle
emulated White Tower (design of the stores, locations, prices).

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> > SteveOrdinetz wrote:
> > > Another fast food place of the same era was an Albany-area chain of
> >
> > > burger stands called Carrols.  Advertised quite heavily on WPTR in
> > the
> > > mid-ish 60s.  I could probably still sing 2/3 of their jingle
> > today.
> > > There was one in Leominster that lasted into the 80s...pretty good
> > > burgers as I recall.
> >
> > I remember the ads well.  "Carrols Is The Place To Go!"
> > There was one in Salem NH for a short length of time, IIRC.
> A quick Google seems to indicate that Carrols is now the country's
> largest Burger King franchisee. So much for the local ad dollars.
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