Additional IBOC Hash Experienced

Laurence Glavin
Wed May 9 16:27:04 EDT 2007

A few days ago, it crossed my mind the check on WSMN-AM 1590 in
Nashua, NH.  I was on route 93 at the time, and instead of audio
from that station, I received the kind of 'hash' one experiences 
when tuning to a frequency adjacent to an AM station broadcasting 
in HD.  But WUNR-AM 1600 doesn't do that (yet)...then it occurred to 
me that I wasn't far from the WNNW-AM 800 tower, and WNNW does 
broadcast in HD days.  That means I was probably getting the 'hash'
from double WNNW's frequency, 1600.  So in the future, if more and
more AM stations between 540 and 800 go IBOC, stations near double
their frequencies will get the kind of interference now noted only
among outlets near HD broadcasters.  Thus, if WEZE-AM 590 were to 
install HD, listeners not far way from Medford could be deprived of
WDIS-AM 1170 (a great loss).  Or if WRKO-AM 680 whent HD, there
goes reception of WFEA-AM 1370 (WLYN-AM 1360 is already a casualty)
for some people.  

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