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Sun May 6 00:36:15 EDT 2007

On 5 May 2007 at 23:15, Rick Kelly wrote:

> WTRY was sold in '55. I don't think WTRY dropped CBS. It was the other
> way around, with Lowell Thomas, part owner of WROW, pulling some
> strings to move CBS over there. 

This makes sense, too, because at the same time, WROW-TV, Channel 41, 
became a CBS affiliate, putting WTRY's sister station, WTRI, Channel 
45, off the air for lack of an affiliate.  

> I don't know who invented the Color Radio moniker. I
> thought it was Chuck Blore, but maybe he stole it from somewhere else.
> I don't beleive WTRY was using color radio until they bought that
> jingle package (in '58?) - but not sure.
I don't think WTRY was using Color Radio in 1958.  We moved back to 
the Boston area in 1957, but I discovered that I could hear WPTR at 
night, and I was listening at that time, and they were doing Color 
Radio at that time.  One of their gimmicks was to somehow 
electronically convert colors into sounds.  They'd play a sound and 
ask listeners to guess what color it was.  So they actually did have 
color radio, I guess.

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