WLLH-AM Lawrence Facility To Remain Silent For A While

Dan Strassberg dan.strassberg@att.net
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I believe 1400's Lowell-Lawrence synchronous operation is WAY older than 60
years and AFAIK both have been fully licensed for nearly all of that time.
Although one of the signals likely predates the other (my guess is that the
Lowell signal is the older one and a proposed Haverhill transmitter was
never built but was probably envisioned from the outset--hence the WLLH
calls), my understanding is that both signals have been on the air for
something closer to 75 years. As you know, until 15 or 20 years ago (based
on the CE's posting, I guess that should read 22 years ago), BOTH
transmitters were rooftop installations. At that time, the current Lowell
transmitter, with a conventional tower, signed on to replace the original
rooftop transmitter in Lowell. The Lawrence rooftop setup is at its original
location with its original tower. Does anyone have any different

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> Just to remind readers who may not be aware of the WLLH-AM "synchronous"
> operation:  the aforementioned station operates on 1400 khz with antennas
> in both Lowell and Lawrence, the former the actual licensed operation, the
> latter a 60-or-so-year-experiment. Recently both outlets were off the air
> briefly, then WLLH-AM Lowell only resumed transmitting.  At this moment
> WLLH's Lawrence transmitter is still silent and apparently will be for
> a couple of weeks...partly due to a transmitter strike and ageing
> A complete summary by CE Chris Hall can be found at radio-info.com's
> Northern New England board under the heading "WAMG Doing Tranmitter Work?
> Its Effect on WGAM".
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