A fun trivia question

SteveOrdinetz hykker@wildblue.net
Sat May 5 19:06:50 EDT 2007

  Dan Strassberg wrote:
>i Even before then, they staged a BIG promotion "WTRY is
>now broadcasting in Color Radio." I think the only new equipment the station
>bought were some new cartridges for the turntables. (I guess they also had
>to buy kits to add the 45-RPM speed to the 33-1/3-78 RPM tables because the
>Color Eadio promotion more-or-less coincided with the record industry shift
>to 45 RPM.)

I once worked P/t at a station that had these big 16" Gates 
turntables that were designed to be 33 & 78.  In order to play 45s 
you had to line up one of 2 holes in the platter with the motor 
shaft, and drop a small bushing onto it.  It took 10-15 seconds to 
do...woe was you if you dropped the bushing into the turntable 
base.  There was no smooth way to get out of it if you happened to 
start a record at the wrong speed.

>I wonder how many US and
>Canadian stations promoted Color Radio. I'd guess hundreds--maybe thousands.

Thousands might be a stretch...other than WMEX I don't think I ever 
heard the phrase anywhere else, though by the time I got into radio 
it was the early 60s & the fad may have ended.by then.

Just goes to show that copycat stations are nothing new.

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