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Roger Kolakowski
Fri May 4 06:38:33 EDT 2007

Arbitron Suspends eDiary

Mike Boyle, Radio and Records

APRIL 30, 2007 -

Arbitron told clients Friday it is suspending its recently-launched eDiary
beginning with the Spring ratings period.

The eDiary was introduced during the Winter `07 survey to participants in
diary-based markets, giving them the option to use an Internet-based,
electronic diary in place of the standard paper-and-pencil diary. Arbitron
begins releasing the Winter ratings Monday.

"Our analysis of the Winter data confirmed our prior research which showed
no significant differences between paper and eDiary recorded listening.
However unlike the results from earlier studies, eDiary appeared to have a
negative impact on return rate, that is, the percentage of diaries sent out
that are completed, returned, and become in-tab. We identified this issue
during the survey and placed additional sample in the last month to meet our
quarterly sample
target commitments," the company said in a client letter.

Arbitron had high hopes for the eDiary and expected positive results.
Regrettably, Arbitron said it won't be using the eDiary again until
satisfied that it "will have no negative effect on diary return and response

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